Union Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Nitin Gadkari has urged investors including from the US to invest in Indian infrastructure sector, MSMEs, banks, NBFCs and other areas.

Addressing the India Idea Summit organised by the US-India Business Council, jointly with the US Chamber of Commerce, the MSME Minister said,” It is a golden opportunity for you to invest in airports, roads, MSME, railways, waterways and other sectors. There is a huge potential for investment. Returns are very good compared to the USA. I feel Indian situation is good.”

Terming India as the best destination for foreign investment with high returns, the MSME Minister said the country was confident of winning the economic war and the government has taken a number of steps to overcome the crisis while referring to COVID-19 pandemic as a temporary phase.

The minister also said that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the need of the hour for pumping in liquidity into the market.

“It is an opportunity for people like you to invest in MSMEs. You will get very good returns…NHAI is another good opportunity. You can invest in seaplanes as there is much potential in the country,” the minister added.

Gadkari further said that we are focusing on how we can develop MSMSE’s and their growth in India, with nearly 50 per cent of India’s exports coming from the sector.

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