Government Subsidy For Knitting, Hosiery, Garmenting Sector

The Stats of Maharashtra currently has 110 knitting, hosiery and garmenting units. The State is incentivizing to increase the garmenting sector in the state to complete the value chain and promote sale of finished products.


The incentives offered to the knitting, hosiery and garmenting sector will vary as per the Zones. The Zonal classification is given in the Annexure. The incentives offered are as follows1.

Capital and Electricity Subsidy:

Size/ ZoneFinancial Assistance in form of Capital Subsidy-% (on fixed capital investment)Electricity Subsidy
Zone 145%  As per Annexure
Zone 240%
Zone 335%
Zone 430%
Large Enterprises
Zone 140%    As per Annexure
Zone 235%
Zone 330%
Zone 425%
Mega Enterprises
Zone 155% with a maximum up to INR 250 crore, whichever is less          As per Annexure
Zone 250% with a maximum up to INR 225 crore, whichever is less
Zone 345% with a maximum up to INR 200 crore, whichever is less
Zone 440% with a maximum up to INR 175 crore, whichever is less
Ultra Mega Enterprises· High Power Committee (HPC), under Chief Secretary will be constituted to approve the Special Package of Incentives to Ultra Mega projects. · For ultra-mega projects the investment will have to be made within a period of 10 years from the date of issue of Letter of Intent from the DepartmentAs per Annexure
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