Cold Chain Infrastructure

Integrated Cold Chain


Project Components cold chain 

Weighing, sorting,grading waxing, packing,pre-cooling, Control Atmosphere (CA)/ Modified Atmosphere (MA) cold storage, normal storage and Individual Quick Freezing(IQF), Mobile pre-cooling vans and reefer trucks , Distribution hubs with multi products and multi Control Atmosphere (CA)/ Modified Atmosphere(MA) chambers/ cold storage/ Variable Humidity Chambers, Packing facility,Cleaning in Process (CIP) Fog treatment, Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) and blast freezing.

cold chain government Financial assistance

For cold storage infrastructure 35% for General Areas and 50% for North East States,etc For value addition and processing infrastructure  50% for General Areas and @ 75% for North East States, etc will be provided. Financial assistance is limited to a maximum of Rs 10 crore per project

Pattern of release of subsidy grant:

The grant-in-aid will be released in three installments of 25%, 40% and 35% as per following schedule: –