msme (1)

1. Assistance to Pharmaceutical Industry for Common Facilities

A Central Sector Scheme for Assistance to Pharmaceutical Industry for Common Facilities. Easy access to standard testing facilities and value addition in the domestic Pharma Industry especially to SMEs through creation of common world class facilities for increased competitiveness. 

Financial Assistance :

Maximum limit for the grant in aid under this category would be Rs. 20.00 crore per cluster or 70% of the cost of project whichever is less. The cost of project includes cost of land, building, administrative, and management support expenses including the salary of CEO, engineers, other experts, and staff during the project implementation period, preliminary expenses, machinery & equipment, miscellaneous fixed assets, and other support infrastructure such as water supply, electricity, and margin money for working capital. Grant-in-Aid from GoI will not be utilized towards land and building components of the project. 

Common Facilities Common Facilities under the Sub-Scheme will consist of creation of tangible “assets” as Common Facility Centers (CFCs). Some of the indicative activities under the Common Facilities are: 

(i) Common Testing Centres (ii) Training Centres (iii) R&D Centres (iv) Effluent Treatment Plants (v) Common Logistics Centres

Implementation Process :

(i) Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

(ii) Detailed Project Report (DPR)


2. Pharmaceutical technology up gradation Assistance scheme

Objectives :

The scheme aim at providing assistance as interest subvention against sanctions loan by any scheduled commercial bank/ financial institution, both in public and private sector.

The facilities small and medium pharma enterprises of proven track record to migrate from scheduled M to world health organisation good manufacturing practise norms to enable them to participate and compete in global market and earn foreign exchange.

Coverage :

With budgetary allocation of Rs 144 cores for 2018- 2020 its possible to extent benefits of interest subvention.

Scheme details :

The upper limit of interest subvention on loan for technology/ infrastructure up gradation shall be restricted to 60% per annum for a period of three year on reducing balance basis. The maximum loan eligible for this purpose will be Rs. 4crore, availed by the concern SME for purpose of up gradation to Who GDP norms.

Rate of incentive : 5%