Subsidy for Primary Processing Centers agriculture infrastructure fund scheme

Subsidy for Primary Processing Centers (PPCs)

Subsidy for Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) – Agriculture produce would reach the (PPCs). Thus the need for a well equipped unloading facility. This facility would ensure that all produce reaching the Primary Processing Centers (PPCs) are sent to manual sorting / grading section smoothly within minimum time and wastage.- mofpi consultancy

The graded, sorted washed & packed produce are stored in the warehouse. They would be loaded onto trucks at the requisite time so that they reach the Central Processing Center (CPC) most efficiently. It is essential that wastage from loading is kept at a negligible level.

For the purpose of safe transport of the perishable inputs, it is proposed to transport them in plastic crates. These collapsible plastic crates will keep on rotating between the Primary Processing Centers (PPCs), Central Processing Centre (CPC) and Collection Centers (CCs). To achieve an annual procurement of 20,000 MT/ year the average procurement per day will be approx. 68 MT.

However procurement will not happen at constant rate round the year and procurement may reach up to 100 MT per day in peak season. Thus the requirement will increase to approx 7000 crates in the peak months of procurement to handle procurement of one day. Thus a total of 7,000 crates are planned at the Sikaria Mega Food Park (P) Ltd. with budget of Rs 25 lacs for the entire food park.

Subsidy for PPCs

  1. Scheme of Primary Processing Centers / Primary Collection Centers

Investment subsidy: 50% of the eligible project cost, subject to a maximum of Rs.2.50 crores. Interest Subvention The interest subvention is extended for a period of 5 years from the date of completion of the project. Every year the interest subsidy @ 7 per cent will be paid to the Bank/FI directly against the term loan sanctioned by it, subject to a maximum of Rs.1 crore per project or actual interest accrued on term loan, whichever is less

2. Scheme of creation of backward and forward linkages 

Objective of the scheme to provide effective and seamless backward and forward integration for processed food industry by plugging the gaps in supply chain in term of availability of raw material and linkage with the market  

Patten of Assistance :

The maximum   admissible grant   for each project would be @ 35% of the eligible project host for general areas  and 50% for  north eastern state Himalaya states , ITDP areas and island respectively subject of maximum of Rs. 5.00  Crore  per project

Scheme of Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

Objective of the scheme To mobilize a medium – long term debt finances facility for investment in viable projects for post-harvest management Infrastructure and community farming assets through incentives and financial support in order to improve agriculture infrastructure in the country. This financing facility will have numerous objective for all the stakeholders in the agriculture eco-system- Subsidy for Primary Processing Centers (PPCs)

The Scheme will be operational from 2020-21 to 2029-30. Disbursement in four years starting with sanction of Rs. 10,000 crore in the first year and Rs. 30,000 crore each in next three financial years. Moratorium for repayment under this financing facility may vary subject to minimum of 6 months and maximum of 2 years.

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