Government Subsidy For Powerlooms

Maharashtra has 13 lakh powerlooms accounting for 50% of the powerlooms in the country. The plain powerloom accounts for 80% (approx. 10 lakh) of the total powerlooms in the State. The following schemes, supplementary to the central schemes, for modernization of plain looms will be implemented with an aim to improve the quality of fabric, productivity of the units, power efficiency, and to make the industry competitive in the domestic and international markets.

State Scheme For Modernization Of Plain Powerlooms:

The State Government will provide the following grant to the powerloom owners who have received the grant from the Central Government under the centrally sponsored “Pilot scheme of in situ upgradation of plain powerloom for SSI Sector” for modification of plain powerlooms:

Type of modernizationSubsidy rate per loom
General Category (35%)Scheduled Castes (20%)Scheduled Tribes (8%) 
Conversion of simple powerloom to SemiAutomatic shuttle loomRs 10,000/-Rs 6,800/-Rs 2,400/- 
Conversion of SemiAutomatic shuttle loom to Shuttle less rapier loomRs 17,500/-Rs 10,000/-Rs 4,000/- 
Conversion of simple powerloom to Shuttle less rapier loomRs 28,000/-Rs 16,000/-Rs 6,400/- 

Other schemes for Powerlooms:

The Central Government is implementing Group work shed scheme, Yarn bank scheme, Common Facilitation Center (CFC – decision center / studio, testing facilities, trading center, information cum trade center & common raw material / yarn / sales depot, water treatment plant for industrial use, dormitory residential space, common pre-weaving facilities viz.

yarn dyeing, warping, sizing and twisting etc. and post-weaving facilities viz. processing, etc.) and Solar energy scheme for powerlooms. The State Government will prepare schemes supplementary to the central schemes as per the guidelines and conditions set by the Central Government.

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