Government Subsidy For Greenhouse

Subsidy For greenhouse

Greenhouse farming systems incorporate farming activities related to floriculture and horticulture Greenhouse farming systems integrate floriculture and horticulture agricultural activities. Setting up a greenhouse facility will necessitate a significant cash commitment as well as prior planning. Apart from the establishment of the primary facility, there are various other components that require money and financial assistance in order to work as a whole system.-Subsidy for greenhouse

Subsidies available from the Govt. for greenhouse development in India:

Under Govt. Boards and schemes, agriculture subsidies are provided in our country. Likewise, for Greenhouse based farming, there are several subsidies provided under different schemes by different boards. The provided subsidies are either in the form of soft loans or back-ended subsidies on the total cost of the project. Because agriculture is the dominant sector of our country, even bank loans are offered for agricultural purposes under minimum interest rates.

Crops eligible:

a. Flowers: Anthurium, Orchids, Rose, Lilium, Chrysanthemum, Carnation and Gerbera. b. Vegetables: High value vegetables: Capsicum, Cucumber, Tomato

Pattern of assistance

Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 50% of the total project cost limited to Rs 56.00 lakh per project as per admissible cost norms for green houses.

Maximum Project costs allowed for subsidy calculation

Green House structure
Fan & Pad systemRs. 1400/Sqm and Rs. 1610/Sqm for hilly states50% of cost for above 2500 Sqm
Naturally ventilated system  
i) Tubular structureRs. 844/Sqm and Rs.970/Sqm for hilly states50% of cost for above 2500 Sqm
ii) Wooden structureRs. 540/Sqm and Rs. 621/Sqm for hilly states50% of cost for above 2500 Sqm
iii) Bamboo structureRs. 450/Sqm and Rs. 518/Sqm for hilly states50% of cost for above 2500 Sqm
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