Subsidy For feed And Fodder Development

The aims towards strengthening of fodder seed chain to improve availability of certified fodder seed required for fodder production and encouraging entrepreneurs for establishment of fodder Block/Hay Bailing/Silage Making Units through incentivisation.

The sub-mission of the feed and fodder will have the following activities: Activity

 (i) Assistance for quality Fodder seed production Activity

 (ii) Entrepreneurial activities in feed and fodder

  1. Development of Entrepreneurship in the field of Feed and fodder.
  2. Promoting, developing and disseminating forage technologies through frontline technology demonstrations.
  3. To make available quality fodder with affordable price at the local level.
  4. To encourage the fodder production by the local farmers for supplying to these entrepreneurs. Thus use the fodder as a cash crop.

The private entrepreneurs, SHG, FCOs JLG, FPOs, Dairy Cooperative societies, section 8 companies will be incentivized for the value addition such as Hay/Silage/Total Mixed Ration(TMR)/ Fodder Block and storage of fodder by providing 50% percent capital subsidy towards project cost to the beneficiary for Infrastructure development related to hay/silage at village level/ Fodder blocks making units for procuring machinery like bailer, block making machines, TMR machines/equipment, Forage harvester /reaper, Heavy duty Power operated Chaff cutters and any other PHT equipment as per the requirement/need. The Entrepreneurs / Eligible Entities need to arrange the remaining amount through bank loan or from the financial institution like NCDC or self-finance

 Private entrepreneurs, SHG, FCOs, JLG, FPOs, Dairy Cooperative societies, section 8 companies

50% of the total project cost with subsidy up to Rs. 50 lakh will be provided to the beneficiaries

list of components eligible for funding for silage making unit for entrepreneurs (Production capacity 2000-2400 MT per annum)

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