Subsidy for caravan park

Policy for development and promotion of Caravan and caravan


Caravan Tourism would attract a wide range of market segments including young people, families, senior citizens and international tourists. The Caravan tourism policy is aim to promote and facilitate and incentivise development of

Caravans are a unique tourism product, which promotes family oriented tours even in circuits / destinations, which are not having adequate hotel accommodation. The specially built vehicles used for the purpose of travel, leisure and accommodation would B termed as ‘Caravan’. One of the essential pre-requisites for Caravan tourism is the presence of sufficient Caravan Parks in the identified circuits. A Caravan Park is a place where Caravans can stay overnight in allotted spaces providing basic or advanced amenities and facilities.- Subsidy for caravan park Maharashtra policy

i. Caravan Parks in the public sector, private sector and PPP mode

ii. Caravans in the public sector, private sector and PPP mode

The Operational requirements for the Caravan parks would be:

  1. Caravan Parks to operational 24 x 7 during season and to connected by fair-weather road from the main road
  2. It shall have all necessary trading licenses / NOCs from
  3. concerned authorities including fire NOC
  4. Establishment shall have public liability insurance
  5. Standardization of electricity, water and sewage connections to ensure total
  6. compatibility with Caravan specifications in India.
  7. The parks could be standalone or hybrid. However, in case of hybrid parks,
  8. the caravan parking facilities and related services should be physically
  9. separated and be away from other services like wayside amenities,
  10. restaurants, general vehicle parking or accommodation etc.

Promotion, Facilitation and Incentivisation by Government of India

Promotion and Marketing

Ministry of Tourism would undertake an extensive advertisement campaign to promote the concept and also for attracting investment in the Caravan Tourism infrastructure. Approved Caravan Parks would also promoted through the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, Incredible India media campaigns, publicity brochures, etc

Financial Assistance

i. 100% Central Financial Assistance (CFA) under the schem “Product/Infrastructure Development for Destinations and Circuits” on components admissible in the scheme will be provided to the State UT Governments to develop Caravan and Camping Parks on Government / Corporation land.

ii. CFA of 25% shall be provided for purchase of Caravans would be provided to State Government / UT Administration

General: Classification, Approvals and Facilitation

i. Classification of Caravan and Camping Parks: Ministry of Tourism will separately issue ‘Guidelines’ for Classification of Caravan and camping Parks based on the mandatory and desirable requirements / facilities

ii. Approval of Caravan tour operators: A tour operator / tourist transport operator has to have a minimum of two Caravan vehicles (having the minimum facilities as specified in para 15) in the name of the agency for approval as caravan transport tour operator. The other conditions for approval would remain the same as that applicable for transport tour operators

.iii. General Facilitation: Efforts would made to facilitate hassle free movement of Caravans, whether individually owned, commercial  driven or on rental basis.

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