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Department of Animal Husbandry Schemes

Scheme 1:  National livestock Mission – EDEG Component

Nabard will be implementing agency under entrepreneurship development and employment generation component of national live stock mission dahd consultants subsidy consultants for Animal Husbandry

Financial assistances

  • Breeding farms and birds of alternate spices like turkey , ducks , Japanese  quails  guinea fowl geese At 25%  level subsidy ceiling Rs . 7.50 lakh varies depending on the species and unit size 
  • Central growing unit – upto 16000 layers chicks per batch  At 25% level subsidy ceiling Rs . 10 lakh for a unit of 16000 layer chicks per batch minimum 3 unit size – 16000 layer chicks per batch
  • Hybrid layer units – upto 20000 layer At 25% level subsidy – subsidy ceiling Rs 2 lakh for 2000   layer unit – varies with size . minimum unit size – 2000 layer
  • Hybrid broiler unit – upto 20000 birds   can be weekly , fortnightly  monthly  all in  all out batchesAt 25% level of subsidy – subsidy ceiling Rs . 0.56 lakh varies with size. Minimum unit size -1000 broilers 

Scheme 2 : Revised guideline on implementation of national artificial insemination programme phase II

Nationwide Artificial Insemination Programme (NAIP) was implemented in 605 districts having less than 50% A.I coverage, covering 300 villages of each chosen district. Under this programme, more than 50 Lakh bovines had been inseminated with semen of high genetic merit bulls. Over 25 Lakh farmers got benefitted through this programme

Scheme 3 : Dairy Processing and lnfrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)

Objectives of the DIDF

To modernize the milk processing plants and machinery and to create additional infrastructure for processing more milk. ii. To create additional milk processing capacity for increased value addition by producing more dairy products. iii. To bring efficiency in dairy processing plants/producer owned and controlled dairy institutions, thereby enabling optimum value of milk to milk producer farmers and supply of quality milk to consumers.

Cost of Fund

The cost of fund to NABARD shall be the actual cost of bonowing by NABARD inclusive of interest, taxes, fees, charges, etc., plus fund management cost of 0.60% per annum The interest rate on borrowings from market by NABARD shall vary from time to time depending upon rates prevailing at the time of raising funds.

lnterest rates

 NABARD shall extend loan to NDDB and NCDC at a rate of interest of 6% per annum repayable at quarterly rests. The interest rate to end borrower shall be upto 6.5 % per annum

Scheme 3: National Animal Disease Control Programme

National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) is a flagship scheme launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister in September, 2019 for control of Foot & Mouth Disease and Brucellosis by vaccinating 100% cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and pig population for FMD and 100% bovine female calves of 4-8 months of age for brucellosis with the total outlay of Rs.13, 343.00 crore for five years (2019-20 to 2023-24)

Objectives of the Programme

The overall aim of the National Animal Disease Control Programme for FMD and Brucellosis (NADCP) is to control FMD by 2025 with vaccination and its eventual eradication by 2030. This will result in increased domestic production and ultimately in increased exports of milk and livestock products. Intensive Brucellosis Control programme in animals is envisaged for controlling Brucellosis which will result in effective management of the disease, in both animals and in humans.

Department of Animal Husbandry consultancy
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