Guidelines for Capacity Building Component


 To support establishment of Incubation Center for ODOP and other products

·To utilize the Incubation Center on commercial basis

·To provide training to beneficiaries (micro entrepreneurs/ SHGs/FPOs/Cooperatives and groups) through Incubation Centers at the training rates prescribed under PMFME Scheme based on National Skill Framework – subsidy consultancy

Components of schemes

Food products based on Food Grains (Rice, Wheat & Pulses)

• Oil seeds based products

• Millets based products

• Fruits based products

• Vegetables & Tuber Crops related products

 • Fish and marine products

• Meat/Poultry products

• Dairy products

• Spice products

• Plantation crops based products (including coconut and sugar cane)

 • Minor forest produce (targeting the tribal population)

Cost norms for setting up Incubation Center Each selected host institute will be funded for the following to establish the Incubation Center

Processing Cost ( in Rs. lakh)
3-5 processing lines (capacity: 1-2 tonnes/day) for ODOP and allied produce –should include primary, secondary and tertiary processing, raw material/finished product storage, packaging. 200
Flooring, minor renovation of existing building, electrical connections and other auxiliary units like boilers, RO plant, ETP etc. 50
Building with minimum 7000 sq. ft (to be provided by host institute)*  
Food Testing Lab – If the host institute is not having the in house testing facility, can propose the basic equipment for proximate analysis and microbial load analysis 25
Total 275

Basic equipment required for food testing lab

Equipment Approximate cost (in Rs. Lakh)
Hot air oven 1.5
Soxhlet apparatus 2.5
Protein – Kjeldhal apparatus 7.5
Fibre analyzer 5.5
Muffle furnace- ash content 2.0
Weighing balance   1.0
Microbial load analysis- laminar flow chamber, autoclave and incubator etc 4.0
Refractometers, pH meter, Gun thermometer, glassware etc. 1.0
Total 25.0


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