Promotion of Medical Devices Park Scheme

Guidelines of the Scheme “Promotion of Medical Devices Parks”

Promotion of Medical Devices Park Scheme Promotion of


  1. Creation of world class infrastructure facilities in order to make Indian medical device industry global leader. subsidy for medical devices
  2. Easy access to standard testing and infrastructure facilities through creation of world class Common Infrastructure Facilities for increased competitiveness will result into significant reduction of the cost of production of medical devices leading to better availability and affordability of medical devices in the domestic market Exploit the benefits arising due to optimization of resources and economies of scale.

Common Infrastructure Facility (CIF):

The Common facilities with capacity commensurate with the expected number and type of medical device manufacturing units in the park. Some of the indicative activities under the Common facilities/centres are:

 i. Component Testing Centre/ESDM/PCB/Sensors facility

 ii. Electra-magnetic interference & Electra Magnetic Compatibility Centre

iii. Biomaterial / Biocompatibility /Accelerated Aging testing centre iv. Medical grade moulding/milling/injection moulding/machining/tooling centre

 v. 3D designing and printing for medical grade products. vi. Sterilization/ETO/Gamma Centre

vii. Animal Lab and Toxicity testing centre

viii. Radiation testing centre, etc.

 ix. Radiology Tube/Flat Panel Detectors/MRI Magnets/ Piezo electrical crystals/power electronics facility

x. Solid waste management/ETP/STP/Electronic Waste management unit

 xi. Common Warehouse & Logistics (Clearing and Forwarding, Insurance, Transportation. Customs, Weighbridges, etc.) centre

xii. Emergency Response Centre/Safety/Hazardous Operations audit centre

 xiii. Centre of Excellence/Technology lncubator/ ITI/Training Centres

Medical Device Park:

 For the purpose of this Scheme, a Medical Device Park means a designated contiguous area of land with common infrastructure facilities for the exclusive manufacturing of medical devices. 3.3. Project cost: The cost of establishing CIF in the Medical Device Park.

Scope of the Scheme

This is a Central Sector Scheme.

  1. .Total financial outlay of the Scheme is Rs. 400 Crore.
  2. Four Medical Device Parks will be supported under the Scheme.
  3. Maximum grant-in-aid for one Medical Device Park will be limited to Rs 100 crore.
  4. The duration of the Scheme is from FY 2020-2021 to FY 2024-2025.
  5. Under the Scheme, a one-time grant-in-aid will be provided for creation of common infrastructure facilities in selected Medical Device Park proposed by a State Government.
  6. The Scheme will be implemented through a State Implementing Agency (SIA), a legal entity, set up by the concerned State Government.
  7. The grant-in-aid will be 70% of the project cost of the common infrastructure facilities. In case of North Eastern States and Hilly States (i.e. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, UT of Jammu & Kashmir and UT of Ladakh), the grant-in-aid will be 90% of the ClF
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