production linked incentive scheme medical device

The production linked Incentive(PLI) scheme for promoting domestic manufacturing of medical device

production linked incentive scheme for medical device – The scheme proposes a financial incentive to boos domestic manufacturing and attract large investments in the medical device sector -pharmaceutical consultancy subsidy for pharma sector

Incentives :

Incentives is the financial benefit to be provided to each selected applicant based on the incremental sales of manufactured goods made by the selected applicants as compared to the base year

Rate of incentives 5%


  • spending incurred on new plant, machinery , equipment  and associated utilities and on new research and development
  • Expenditure related to transfer of technology agreement and incurred on land and building

Domestic value addition

Domestic value addition shall be compute as below

  1. Net sales turnover minus value of non originating material and services used in manufacturing
  2. Net sales turnover

Eligibility for selection

  • The project shall be Greenfield project  as defined under this guideline
  • Only companies registered in India and having net worth not less than 30% of the committed investment as on the date of application .
  • The applicant should not have been declared as bankrupt or wilful as fraud by any bank or financial institutions or non banking financial company

Target Segment under the scheme

Name of the segment Indicative eligible product
Cancer care /radiotherapy medical device  Branch therapy systems , rational cobalt machine, radio therapy planning , proton therapy system and other products    
Radiology and imaging medical device and nuclear imaging devices CT scan , MRI , ultrasonography , X-ray equipment , mammography , C-arm, cath – lab , positron emission tomography , cyclotrons and other products 
Aesthetic and cardio respiratory medical devices  Needles anesthesia , syringes- anesthesia workstation , anesthesia unit gas scavenger , anesthesia kit , biopsy kit- renal , dialyzer , reprocessing system, lithographers- extra corporeal – renal and other products
All implants including implantable electronic devices  Cochlear implants , hip implants , knee implants spinal and neuro- surgical Mesh implant , hernia surgical mesh implant cerebral spinal  fluid shunt system , implant4ed pacemaker , insulin pump , implemented neuro stimuletrebd device like deep brain stimulator , intraocular lenses , heart valves, stents and other products  
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