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Operation Greens -Atamnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan- Guidelines for short term intervention for all fruits and vegetables

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) on June 11, 2020, issues Guidelines for short term intervention for all fruits and vegetables under Operation Greens under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan mofpi scheme

Ministry is implementing a central sector scheme, namely “Operation Greens” Operation Greens will be extended from Tomatoes, Onion and Potatoes (TOP) to ALL fruits and vegetables (TOTAL); value chain with a budgetary allocation of Rs. 500 crores. The scheme has two-pronged strategy of Price stabilisation measures (for short term) and integrated value chain development projects (for long term).- operation greens

The salient features of the guidelines are:

The objective of intervention is to protect the growers of fruits and vegetables from making distress sale due to lockdown and reduce the post -harvest losses.

Subsidy :   

Maximum admissible subsidy amount per applicant will be Rs. 1 crore during the entire period of 6 months and extended;      

Eligible entities:   

Food Processors, FPO/FPC, Co-operative Societies, Individual

farmers, Licensed Commission Agent, Exporters, State Marketing/Co-operative Federation, Retailers etc. engaged in processing/ marketing of fruits and vegetables.- operation greens

 Eligible Crops: –

 fruitsØ & vegetables, on the basis of recommendation received from the Ministry of Agriculture will be eligible under the Scheme

 Pattern of Assistance: –

Ministry will provide subsidy @ 50 % of the cost of the following two components, subject to the cost norms: 

  • Transportation of eligible crops from surplus production cluster to consumption center; and/or 
  • Hiring of appropriate storage facilities for eligible crops (for maximum period of 3 months)

Essential conditions:

The subsidy will be disbursed to the eligible entities, in case of fulfilment of the following conditions: – 

Price in the notified production clusters meets any one of the following conditions: 

  • Price fall below preceding 3 years’ average market price at the time of harvest; 
  • Price fall more than 15% compared to last year market price at the time of harvest;
  • Price fall less than the benchmark price for procurement, if any, fixed by the State/Central Government for a specified period – operation greens mofpi scheme

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