Animal husbandry is one of the most profitable businesses for farmers not only in India but across the globe. Moreover, the animal husbandry business is considered to be an occupation where the probability of loss is extremely low. Moreover, many new scientific methods have been developed in the animal husbandry sector, which is proving very beneficial for the farmers. Keeping this thing in mind, the government has operated and initiated ‘Dairy Entrepreneur Development Scheme’ to help the dairy farmers to encourage dairy sector across the country amid the countrywide lockdown. 

As per the report, the DEDS scheme has been started by the central government from 1st September 2010. Under this scheme, the government has decided to provide a subsidy of up to 33.33 per cent and you can take a loan up to Rs. 7 lakh. As per the report, there is a provision to provide a subsidy of up to 33.33 per cent of the total project cost to the person who has dairy or buffalo rearing. Under this scheme, the Livestock Department will provide a loan of 7 lakh to 10 buffalo dairy. 

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