_Modifications In The Guidelines of PMFME

Modifications In The Guidelines of PMFME

Support to individual Micro Enterprises


  • Individual
  • Proprietorship firms
  • Partnership firms
  • FPO (Farmer Producer Organization)
  • NGO(Non-Government Organization)
  • SHG (Self Help Group)
  • Co-op (Cooperative)
  • Pvt Ltd. Companies.

Eligible Enterprise

  • Existing Enterprise – Both ODOP & Non-ODOP.
  • New Enterprise – Both ODOP & Non-ODOP.

Financial Support / Assistance

For all- Individual/Proprietorship / Partnership /FPO/NGO/SHG/ Co-op / Pvt Ltd. Companies- credit linked capital subsidy @35% of eligible project cost max Rs.10.00 Lac  for eligible projects. Eligible project cost comprises cost of plant & machinery and technical civil work but excludes any cost of land/rental or lease work shed .

Technical Civil Work should not be more than 30% of the eligible project cost.

Support to Group Category for Setting up of Common Infrastructure

  • Eligible organization
  • FPOs/FPCs
  • Co-op (Cooperatives)
  • SHGs (Self Help Groups) /and its federation
  • Govt. agencies
  • Product
  • Proposal for ODOP or Non-ODOP are eligible for assistance. However ODOP proposals would be preferred.

Support / Assistance

Credit linked capital subsidy @35% of eligible project cost with max ceiling of Rs.3.00 crore.

Project components & Cost Breakup 

  • Comprises Cost of Plant & Machinery and Technical civil work.
  • Technical civil work should not be more than 30% of Eligible project cost.
  • Exclude cost of land /rental or lease work shed.
  • Total eligible project cost should not exceed Rs. 10 Crore. Credit linked capital subsidy @35% with max ceiling of Rs.3.00 crore.

Financial Assistance to DRP for Individual application.

1.The payment of Rs. 20,000/- to the DRPs would be in 2 installments i.e. 50% of the payment would be made after sanction of bank loan.

2. And remaining 50% after the completion of the unit and also obtaining FSSAI Certificate, Udyam Certificate and GST registration (wherever required).

3. Second installment of payment to DRP would not be linked with completion of training of beneficiaries.

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