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Marine fin fish culture is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of aquaculture in the world. In contrast to the global scenario, Indian marine fin fish culture is rapidly emerging out from its infant stage. The geographic territory of India is bestowed with a vast coastline of 8,118 km with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 2.02 million km2. The marine fisheries sector is dominated by the socio-economically backward artisanal and small scale fishers whose lives are closely intertwined with the ocean and sea. Sea fishing is a risky occupation and causes reduction of natural resources. Marine fin fish culture has been increasingly resorted as means of enhancing the fishery resources, replenishing natural stocks whose populations have declined through over-exploitation or environmental degradation. It also maximizes the productivity of water body in an open bay/ coastal lagoon / brackish water pond

Marine Fin Fish Rearing

The key factor for successful marine fish culture is good quality seed. To meet the requirement of fish fingerlings for cage farming in sea, brackish water and coastal aquaculture, it is necessary to establish marine fin fish nurseries for the larval rearing and fingerling production of Cobia, Silver/Indian pompano, Sea bass, Grouper, Snapper etc. Fingerling size is the ideal stocking stage for marine fin fish in sea cages/ponds to avoid crop loss. Hence, marine fin fish seed rearing up to desired size for achieving better marine fish seed growth is the need of the hour.

Model cost break up for marine fin fish rearing unit

Items Quantum Cost (in Lakhs)
Shed- @ 1000 per sqft. 400 sqft. 4.00
Rectangular Cement Tanks (25,000 L capacity) 5 nos 2.25
Water storage sump-50,000 L capacity 1 1.50
Outdoor circular nursery rearing FRP tank for fingerlings 5 2.00
Overhead Tank (HDPE/LDPE) 5 Tonne with accessories 2 0.50
Seawater pump with motor (5 HP) and accessories 2 0.60
Air blower with motor (5 HP) and accessories 2 0.70
Generator 10 KVA 1 1.70
Electrical works, PVC plumbing etc L.S. 0.70
Initial input including seed, feed, manpower, electricity etc L.S. 1.00

II. Open Sea Cage Culture of Marine Fin Fish

Sea cage farming is viewed as a major option for increasing the seafood production and expanding rapidly in recent years at global level. Sea cage culture involves growing fish in the sea in the enclosed net cage which allows free flow of water. It is a production system comprising of a floating frame of varying dimensions and shape, net materials and mooring system, to hold and culture a large number of fish. Cage culture can be undertaken in 4 open seas, sheltered bays or lagoons having suitable water quality and with prior permission from concerned government authorities.

A. Capital Cost (Rs. In lakh)

Particulars Cobia Silver Pompano Indian Pompano Asian Sea bass Grouper
Cost of cage including one outer net, two inner nets, one bird net, cage mooring, ballast hose, anchor @ Rs.3 lakh/cage for 5 cages (100-120 cubic me- ter volume for each cage) 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00
Particulars Cobia Silver Pompano Indian Pompano Asian Sea bass Grouper
Seed cost 1.50 (@ Rs.20/pc) 3.00 (@ Rs.10/pc) 3.00 (@ Rs.10 pc) 4.50 (@ Rs.15 pc) 4.50 (@ Rs.15 pc)
Feed cost (@ Rs.90 /kg) 16.20 12.96 16.20 14.18 16.20
Manpower-1 no. (Rs.8000 pm) 0.80 0.64 0.64 0.80 0.80
Boat fuel and maintenance L.S. 0.20 0.40 0.40 0.50 0.50
Working capital/crop (B) 19.20 17.20 20.44 20.18 22.20
Total project cost (A+B) 34.20 32.20 35.44 35.18 37.20
Gross income 22.80 16.40 21.56 21.82 19.80
Gross profit / crop (Gross income) – (working capital) 22.80 16.40 21.56 21.82 19.80

III. Marine Fin Fish Culture in Brackish Water Pond

Model Cost Calculation for Marine Fin Fish Culture in Brackish Water Pond

A. Capital Cost break up

Particulars Total Amount in (Rs. Lakhs)
Ground cleaning, de-weeding, levelling 0.20
Earth work excavation and construction of bund 2.00
Inlet, outlet and sluice structure 0.50
Pump house-100 sqft 0.50
Pumps-2 nos. 5 HP 1.00
Aerator-5 nos. @Rs.35,000 each 1.75
Nets and accessories 0.40
Water testing kit 0.20
Electrification L.S. 0.50
Watchman shed-100sqft 0.50
Miscellaneous 0.45

B. Operational Cost (Rs. In lakhs)

Species Particulars Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) Indian Pompano (Trachinotus mookalee) Asian Sea bass (Lates calcarifer)
Seed cost
Feed cost
Manpower-1 nos. (@ Rs.8000 pm)
Working capital/crop (B)
Total Project Cost (A+B) 23.30
Gross income 28.00
Gross profit / crop (Gross income) – (Working capital) 12.70
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