subsidy on silos

Government Subsidy On Silos Warehouse

Government subsidy on Silos – A structure for storing  bulk materials. Silos are used in agriculture to store grain (see grain elevators) or fermented feed known as silage. Silos are commonly used for bulk storage of grain coal, cement, carbon black, wood chips, food products and sawdust. Three types of silos are in widespread use today: tower silos, bunker silos, and bag silos.

This method consists of storing unpackaged grain in structures built for this purpose (bins, silos).

The types of construction vary. There can be relatively simple low-capacity structures for storage of agricultural surpluses in production areas, or large complex installations for commercial or industrial storage of products.

In general, there are two categories of bulk-storage structures: low-capacity silos or bins for storage on the farm and high-capacity silos.

  • low-capacity metal drums (holding about 150 kg of grain) generally used to store petroleum products;
  • higher-capacity  (1 to 3 tonnes) metal bins built for the express purpose of storing grain.

High-capacity silos are complex structures intended for the commercial or industrial storage of large quantities (several thousand tonnes).

Specialized builders offer various types of silos; two, in particular:

  • vertical silos,
  • horizontal silos.

Equipment is selected on the basis of various factors, including:

  • volume of storage capacity;
  • number and size of bins;
  • handling capacity (receiving, cleaning, ensiling, discharging);
  • performance of drying equipment and ventilation devices;
  • organization of work; economic return.

FCI reform: Paswan  rolls out Rs 6,000  crore plan to build silos The Food Corporation of India (FCI) will have modern silos with carrying capacity of 100 lakh tonne up from less than 7 lakh tonne now, food and consumer affairs minister Ram Vilas Paswan said on Friday. The silos project will require capital investment to the tune of Rs 6,000 crore. While the move will help reduce carrying cost of grains — a staggering Rs 25,000 crore annually at last count — and reduce the storage losses, it is barely radical reform.- Government subsidy on Silos

With a view to modernize the storage capacity in the country this Department has approved a road map/action plan for creating modern storage facility in the form of Steel Silos of capacity of 100 lakh MT in a phased manner in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode by 2020.

Schemes and incentives for silos

Scheme for Agricultural Marketing (ISAM)

Under this Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing (ISAM) For silos overall ceiling for capacity creation will be kept at 25% of the overall target for storage capacity for the year or actual capacity sanctioned during the year whichever is lower, as illustrated in Annexure-V. The capacity created under silos and subsidy disbursal under the above 25% limit will be implemented and monitored by NABARD , HO and NCDC, HO in respect of projects sanctioned by them.- Government subsidy on Silos

Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

under the ‘Agriculture Infrastructure Fund’ Finance Minister announced on Rs 1 lakh crore Agri Infrastructure Fund for farm-gate infrastructure for farmers. Financing facility of Rs. 1,00,000 crore will be provided for funding Agriculture Infrastructure Projects at farm-gate & aggregation points

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