Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Fund

Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Fund – mofpi : Atma  Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan stimulus package for ensuring growth in several sectors, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Shri  Narendra Modi, has approved setting up of Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF) worth Rs. 15000 crore.- AHIDF scheme subsidy for dairy processing

The AHIDF has been approved for incentivizing investment by individual , entrepreneurs , private companies , MSME , farmers producer organization and section 8 companies to establish

  1. The dairy processing and value addition infrastructure
  2. Meat processing and value addition infrastructure
  3. Animal feed plant  

Eligible   Entities

  1. Farmer producer organization
  2. Private companies
  3. Indi dual entrepreneurs
  4. Section 8 companies
  5. Micro small and medium entrepreneurs

Implementing agency

Animal husbandry fund will be implemented by the department of animal husbandry and dairying , ministry of fisheries , animal husbandry and dairying – Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Fund – mofpi

Activity eligible for availing benefits

  • Dairy processing : under the dairy processing infrastructure the EE can avil benefit for establishment of the following
  • Establishment of new unit and straightening  of existing dairy processing unit with quality and hygienic milk processing facilities , packaging facilities or any other activities related to dairy processing

The EE can also avail loan for establishment of new units and straightening of existing manufacturing unit for value addition of the following milk product

  • Ice cream unit
  • Cheese manufacturing unit
  • Ultra high temperature milk processing unit with tetra packaging facilities
  • Flavoured milk manufacturing unit
  • Milk powder manufacturing unit
  • Whey powder manufacturing  unit

EE can also avail benefit for establishment of animal feed manufacturing and straightening of existing units / plant of the following categories

  • Establishment of mini , medium and large animal feed plant
  • Total mixed ration block making unit
  • By pass protein unit
  • Mineral mixture unit
  • Enrich silage making unit

Beneficiary contribution  

The AHIDF shall be eligible   for loan up to 90% of the estimated / actual project cost from the scheduled bank based on submission of variable project by eligible Beneficiary

The beneficiary contribution in case of micro and small unit as per msme define ceiling could be 10% while in case of medium enterprises as per defined msme ceiling , beneficiary contribution could go up to 15% the beneficiary contribution in other categories of enterprises could go up to 25%

Interest subvention  : 3%  for all eligible entities

Credit guarantee Fund

Credit guarantee fund of Rs. 750  cr will be established . The fund will be managed by NABARD Department of animal husbandry and dairying will pay rs. 75 cr. Per year over 10 year towards credit guarantee


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