Technology Development and Transfer Scheme

Technology Development and Transfer Scheme

Technology Development and Transfer Scheme – Projects for popularization of identified new technologies/tools/techniques for commercialization/ adoption shall be undertaken through following sub-components of the scheme subsidy for nursery import of planting material subsidy

1. Sub component Setting up of block /mother plant and root stock nursery

This activity is for Setting up Mother Blocks and Bank for Root Stock and Scion / bud stick of higher pedigree for making the same available to commercial nurseries for raising mother trees on their commercial nursery and also for multiplication and sale to farmers

Pattern of assistance:-  Project based – 100% and only through Govt. agency/Public Sector @ Rs.100.00 Lakh /ha for effective nursery area including virus indexing, tissue culture lab et

2. Acquisition of technologies including import of planting material from other countries for evaluation and mass multiplication in order to increase production & productivity of horticulture crops 

This  components aims to acquire technologies either nationally or globally that have been developed in the area of horticulture or which can be commercialized to put for farmers/industry benefit. This will also include assistance for meeting cost of Import of best quality planting material of latest varieties of horticultural crops has been included.

Pattern of assistance: – Rs.50.00 lakh/project. Project based – 100% and only through Govt. agency/ PSUs.

3. Horticulture mechanization is aimed to improve farm efficiency and reduce drudgery of farm work force.

 To promote Farm mechanization and introduce technologically advanced plants & machinery from abroad, NHB will provide assistance for importing new machines in the field operations areas of horticultural crops viz nursery/seedling preparation, post hole digging for planting, inter culture, aeration, earthing, irrigation, plant protection, harvesting, handling, packaging transport etc.

Pattern of assistance: – Rs. 50.00 lakh / machine. 100% of total cost and only through Govt. agency/ Public Sector.

4. Long Distance Transport Solution 

Component has been introduced to facilitate long distance transportation and bulk movement of horticulture products through rail etc.

Pattern of assistance: – Project Based Rs. 2000.00 lakh

5. Product Promotion and Market Development Services- Horti-fairs

  • To organize demonstrations of modern scientific techniques / technologies, package of production and PHM practices at suitable locations / areas by the NHB
  • To organize demonstrations of improved / high yielding varieties of fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants etc, by NHB

 Pattern of assistance:- Rs. 25.00 lakh 100% of cost by Central Nodal Agency

6. Exposurev is it of farmers (OutsideState) Purpose of visit

  Pattern of assistance:- Project based as per actual 100% of the cost.

7. Visit Abroad for Government Officers

Awareness for technology up-gradation, product development, product promotion, exploring improved varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers and market intelligence, shall be in consonance with the WTO commitments and the same would remain as an integrated component as per the objectives of the scheme for the government officers

Pattern of assistance:- 

Rs. 6.00 lakh per participant 100% of air / rail travel and course fee

8. Organization/Participation in Seminar/symposia/workshop for development of horticulture

Technology awareness programme by NHB Seminars/workshop/exhibition etc shall organized at the state, national and international levels for promotion of horticulture.

  Pattern of Assistance

The financial assistance would limited up to Rs.10.00 lakh for International event(3-5 days), Rs.5.00 Lakh for National event, Rs.3.00 lakh for Stale Level event and Rs.0.50 lakh for District Level event- Technology Development and Transfer Scheme

  • In case of short duration (1-2 days) seminars, financial assistance would limited to:-
  • Rs.1.00 lakh per event for State Level event,
  • Rs. 2.00 lakh for National level event and
  • Rs 3.00 lakh for International event (for organizations/participation of international event within India). 

9. Accreditation and Rating of Fruit Plant Nurseries

Accreditation system will be based on rating in a scale of single star to five star with appropriate weightage on production system, nursery management practices and quality of planting material produced

 Pattern of assistance:- Rs. 1.00 lakh / nursery 

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