subsidy for sugarcane Irrigation

Drip Irrigation for Sugarcane

Government of Maharashtra is giving focus on drip irrigation while issuing new water lifting permissions. Moreover, subsidy is extended to the extent of 60 % to the farmers having agriculture land up to 5 acres and 50 % to the farmers having agriculture land above 5 acres. It is now established that use of drip irrigation in raising sugarcane crop increases yield about 20-25 tons per ha. The use of drip system also helps in saving energy consumption to the extent of 40% and water about 50%

Selection of the area

Nagpur District is rain fed area and has great potential for drip irrigation as one of the important crop grown here is sugarcanes. Hence the whole of Nagpur district is targeted for the proposed area development scheme for drip irrigation as it not only help in saving precious water resources but would also enhance agri. productivity from the region andcontribute to great extent in mitigating prevailing agrarian crises. We may select 2 blocks i.e. Umred and Hingana as these blocks are having 90% of sugarcane production in the district

Selection of beneficiaries

The primary criteria for selection of beneficiary for drip irrigation would be those farmers having dug well or other permanent source of water in or at vicinity from their fields. The marginal and small farmers especially from backward and tribal classes given priority along with women headed families, and destitute /widow women in selection of beneficiary under this scheme.

Forward and backward linkages

Forward linkages – increased agri productivity, diversified crop production, markets, industries (small and cottage), value addition, agri processing units etc

 Backward linkages – increased wage labour, availability of wage labour opportunities, skill enhancement, access and increased credit facilities, reduction in drudgery of women, gender equality, etc

Training / Capacity building of the beneficiaries

The supplier and respective company providing drip irrigation sets shall orient the beneficiaries regarding the operation and maintenance of the drip irrigation units.

Techno economic assumptions & project components

The small and marginal farmers from the region are supposed to benefitted under the proposed activity as they entitled to drip irrigation units with a subsidy of 50%. The drip irrigation

system would be helpful in cultivation of cotton crop and would further help the small and marginal farmers in increasing their agricultural productivity


Subsidy is available under the Maharashtra Micro Irrigation Project scheme subsidy pattern will as per operational guidelines of National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI) which is indicate below

Type of BeneficiaryIndicative cost depending on the Lateral Spacing per haSubsidy %Remarks
Small and marginal farmers18820 to 9759860%Upper limit of subsidy upto 5 ha. per beneficiary
Other Farmers (General)18820 to 9759850%
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