Utilising Solar Wind Energy in Fisheries Sector

Utilising Solar Wind Energy in Fisheries Sector – Fisheries

subsidy for fisheries

Utilising Solar Wind Energy in Fisheries Sector – India’s Climate Change mitigation strategy, the Dept. of Fisheries, Ministry of FAH&D, Govt. of India, under the Scheme “Blue Revolution: Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries” provides financial assistance for “Promoting Non-Conventional Energy (NCE) Source for Environment Friendly Fishing Practices” such as use of solar energy or other NCE sources for lighting, refrigeration on board the fishing vessels, and other activities.- subsidy on fisheries


Beneficiaries include Fishermen and their Cooperative Societies/ SHGs, Fish Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Fisheries Establishments in States and Union Territories.

Unit Cost of Hybrid Solar Wind Mill Modules

Title of Project Unit Cost Rs. lakh
Supply and Installation of 2.25 KW Hybrid Solar Wind Mill for Cage Culture Units in Inland Open Waters 5.90
Supply and Installation of 800 W Hybrid Solar Wind Mill for Small Marine Fishing Boat (OAL up to 10 m) 0.85
Supply and Installation of 4 KW Hybrid Solar Wind Mill for Large Marine Fishing Vessel (OAL up to 20 m) 8.20
Supply and Installation of 40 KW Hybrid Solar Wind Mill for Seawater Block-Ice Plant 52.80

Pattern of Financial Assistance

For individual Beneficiaries / Entrepreneurs

Category NFDB Assistance Beneficia ries Total
General Category 40% 60% 100%
SC/ST/Women & their Cooperatives 60% 40% 100%

For States/ UTs and their Agencies/ Organizations/ Federations/ Cooperatives/ Institutes

Region Central / NFDB Assistance State / UT Share Total
Other States 50% 50% 100%
North East & Hilly States 80% 20% 100%
UTs/ Govt. of India  Organizations/ Institutes 100% 0% 100%

Benefits and Advantages

• Reduces dependence on fossil fuel.

• Eco- and Environment-Friendly.

 • Day and night power supply

• Can be used, besides other things, to:

 1. Illuminate cage culture units during night.

 2. Power auxiliary units on board a marine fishing boat or vessel.

3. Operate small-scale ice plants in remote areas, including islands.

4. Run pumps, aerators, filters, etc – Utilising Solar Wind Energy in Fisheries Sector subsidy on fisheries

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