Renewable Energy

1. Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects

Finanacial assistance:-

Rs.25 lakhs per park would be released by MNRE or upto 20 lakhs or 30% whichever is less

Implementation agency :-

The solar parks will be developed in collaboration with the State Governments. The implementation agency would be Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) on behalf of Government of India (G0I). SECI will handle funds to be made available under the scheme on behalf of GOI.

2. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM)

Objective and targets:-

The objective of the National Solar Mission is to establish India as a global leader in solar energy, by creating the policy conditions for its diffusion across the country as quickly as possible.
The Mission will adopt a 3 – phase approach, Phase 1 (up to 2012 – 13), Phase  2 (2013 – 17) and Phase 3 (2017 – 22).  The immediate aim of the Mission is to focus on setting up an enabling environment for solar technology penetration in the country both at a centralized and decentralized level.

Central Financial Assistance (CFA):

  • CFA @ Rs.25.00 lakh (Rs. twenty five lakh) per park would be released by MNRE to SECI for DPR preparation of the Solar Park, conducting surveys, etc. 
  • Besides, CFA of up to Rs.20.00 lakh (Rs. twenty lakh) per MW or 30% of the project cost, including Grid-connectivity cost, whichever is lower, would be released to SECI on achieving the milestones given under para 7 of the Scheme. For release of requisite funds, the State Government will send a formal proposal to MNRE. 
  • The grant will be managed and released by SECI, on behalf of MNRE, for which SECI will be given a fund handling fee of 1% of the grant released.

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