Agro Tourism Policy

Agro tourism Policy for Maharashtra

Purpose of Agricultural Tourism:

1) To achieve rural development through agricultural tourism and development of the state through rural development. Agro tourism Policy for Maharashtra

2) Marketing of agricultural products through agri-tourism.

3) To promote agri-tourism as a supplementary business to agriculture.

4) Demonstration of folk art and traditions in rural areas.

5) To provide employment opportunities to rural women and youth in the village itself.-Agro tourism Policy for Maharashtra

6) People in urban areas / students are involved in agriculture and farming methods as well as agriculture Provide business information

Eligible components for agri-tourism:

1) Individual farmer

2) Agricultural co-operative society of farmers

3) Govt. Accredited Center for Agricultural Sciences

4) Agricultural colleges (private and government)

5) Agricultural colleges

6) Partnership organization or company established by farmers

Services provided to tourists through Agricultural Tourism Center: –

In addition to agriculture, one or more of the following or habitual service agri-tourism centers

Drivers should make it available to tourists.

A) One day trip (Detrap)

B) Settlement system

E) Recreational services (e.g. play area for young children, adventure games,

Rural sports, etc. )

E) Krishi Kan Kapag (Copper Tanwara)

A) Product Sale (e.g. Orange / Orange Juice,

Grapes / Wine, Strawberries / Strawberry Products etc.)

Accommodation: Accommodation is available for tourists at the site of the Agricultural Tourism Center. The provisions in the table below will apply to the agri-tourism center

Farmland  Number of rooms  Room size  
Up to 02 acres  04 (max)  150 sq.m. Amount  
More than 02 acres And up to 05 acres  06 (max)  150 sq.m. Amount  
05 acres and above More  08 rooms and Independent of the roulette Arranged 2 Lokarnavas (25 mattresses) Each)  Room takman Dimensions -150 sq.m. The standard of living Dimensions – 700-800 Sq. Ft.  
  • Attached toilet, bathroom will be required for each room. This tourist Habitat construction should be as environmentally friendly as possible and hazardous The authority’s drink is required
  • Maximum capacity of 25 beds for rail trips or large group More than two dormitories can be built. Pintu Trakita Amount 5 Ac Having an area will be mandatory
  • Rooms for centers up to eight rooms as per Purshtan Wash-2016 Construction of facilities will require the permission of the Municipal Corporation No. With more than eight rooms, the center is known as a commercial enterprise Will go and will require the permission of the town council- Agro tourism Policy for Maharashtra

The benefits of agri-tourism from the government

  1. Registration certificate will be obtained from the Department of Agriculture Tourism.
  2. Bank loan can be obtained on the basis of registration certificate to the owner of the agri-tourism center Shake
  3. Agricultural Tourism for Farm Scheme implemented through Water Conservation Department Ke Dras will be preferred
  4. Registered agri-tourism centers run by state and central government.
  5. The benefits of schemes like greenhouse, orchard, vegetable cultivation can be availed
  6. Agricultural land will be used for washing of agricultural waste. Connection to Rathkani Centers for Rehabilitation and Retirement Can be used
  7. Consideration of levying electricity tariff as per domestic rate for agricultural tourism Will be done
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