In partial modification to the previous instructions and Office Orders on the above subject, with the approval of Managing Committee of National Horticulture Board, it has been decided to effect

following changes in the Operational Guidelines for the Schemes of NHB with immediate effect:- I) Revised Cost of Application The revised cost of application under the back ended capital investment subsidy Schemes of NHB with immediate effect would be as under:-

Cost of ProjectAmount No. in Rs
Project cost Upto Rs 20.00 lakh2000
More than Rs 20.00 lakh and Upto Rs 50.00 lakh5000
More than Rs 50.00 lakh and Upto Rs 100.00 lakh10000
More than RsI00.00 lakh and Upto Rs 150.00 lakh15000
More than Rs 150.00 lakh and Upto Rs 200.00 lakh20000
More than Rs 200.00 lakh50000
  • Allowing start of preliminary project work after submitting online IPA application using applicant’s margin money The following preliminary project works would be permitted by using applicant’s margin money after online application for IPA :-
  1. Land leveling and digging of pits
  2. Compound wall! fencing with gate
  3.  Tubewellibore well as a part of project
  4. Root stock plantation with drip in case of grape plantations

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