Date : 26 November 2018
Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure (AMI) ( SUB- SCHEME)
back-ended capital subsidy

Primary Infrastructure for setting up of Common Facilitation Centre by FPOs/FPCs :

          Drying facility (solar/normal), electronic weighing scale, assaying equipments, Computer IT equipments, Godown, cold room, deep freezer/ Zero energy freezer, pack house, ripening chamber, information boards (electronic/non-electronic), de-sheller, Grain cleaner, specific gravity separator, Mini Dal mill, Mini Oil expeller, Mini rice huller etc.

          Storage infrastructure like godowns including stand-alone silos for storage of food grains with necessary ancillary facilities like loading, unloading, bagging facility etc., excluding railway siding are eligible for subsidy including cost of allied facilities like boundary wall,internal road, internal drainage system, weighing, grading, packing, quality testing & certification, fire fighting equipment etc. which are functionally required to operate the project. Mobile infrastructure for post-harvest operations viz. grading, packaging, quality testing etc. including reefer vans, or any other refrigerated vans will be permissible for assistance.

Ancillary / supporting infrastructure : Parking sheds, internal roads, garbage disposal arrangements, lighting arrangement, drinking water facility, toilets etc.

The Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)

# Subsidy for ancillary / supporting infrastructure in the project will be restricted to maximum 25% of total permissible Ancillary / supporting infrastructure :subsidy of the project

Capacity Criteria:

Promoter's Capacity
All Categories 50 – 5000 MT
State agencies (eg APMC etc) 50 – 10000MT (Storage Project upto 15000 MT)

Integrated Value Chain (IVC) Projects (confined up to stage of primary processing only)

Involve assembling, cleaning, grading, primary processing, packaging, transportation (only Refrigerated van), weighing, storage, distribution, etc.

8.1 Minimum promoter’s contribution should be 20% of the project cost. This should also be

ensured at the time of actual expenditure on completion of the project. If it is less than 20%, the actual TFO of the project shall be restricted to 5 times of the promoter’s contribution on completion of the project for the calculation of subsidy. Minimum Term loan (including subsidy) to be sanctioned by the Financial Institution (FI) should be 50% of the project cost.
The promoter’s contribution may vary from 20-50% of TFO and the term loan may vary from 50-80% of the TFO.

Functional infrastructure for collection / assembling, drying, cleaning, grading, standardization, SPS (Sanitary &Phyto-sanitary) measures and quality certification, labelling, packaging, ripening chambers, waxing, value addition facilities (without changing the product form) etc.

For functional infrastructure projects (other than storage projects) where plant and machinery is to be installed in civil structure, the cost of plant & machinery should be more than 25% of the Total Financial Outlay (TFO) of the project. If it is less than 25%, subsidy will be restricted accordingly as explained in Annexure IV.

Promoter’s Contribution in case of own funded State agency projects should be 75% / 66.67% of the project cost as the case may be.

COST NORMS : Annexure-V

negative list as at Annexure VI

Financial Institution (FI)
Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)
Integrated Value Chain (IVC)
Rural Infrastructure Development Fund(RIDF)
Warehouse Infrastructure Fund (WIF)
Total Financial Outlay (TFO)
Subsidy Reserve Fund (SRF)
Management Information System (MIS),
Negotiable Warehousing Receipt System (NWRS).
Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA)



Subsidy = Project cost as appraised by financial institution
Actual cost of eligible components as certified by a Chartered Accountant,
whichever is lower

Table A

Category Subsidy on Capital cost Subsidy ceiling
50- 1000 MT 1000-10,000 MT Maximum
(in Rs./MT)
A) North Eastern States, Sikkim, UTs of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands, hilly areas 33.33% 1333.20/- 1333.20/- Rs 133.20 Lakhs
B) In other Areas
1. For Registered FPOs, Panchayats, Women, Scheduled Caste (SC)/ Scheduled Tribe (ST) entrepreneurs or their Cooperatives /Self-help Groups 33.33% 1166.55/- 1000.00/- Rs 100.00 Lakhs
2. For all Other categories of beneficiaries 25% 875/- 750/- Rs 75.00 lakhs

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