Ministry of Renewable Energy Schemes

Scheme 1 : Pradhan mantri kisan urja suraksha evam utthaan mahaabhiyan (PM KUSUM)


  • The scheme aims to add solar and other renewable capacity of 25,750 MW by 2022 with total central financial support of Rs. 34,422 Crore including service charges to the implementing agencies. subsidy for Renewable Energy
  • The Scheme consists of three components:
    • Component A: 10,000 MW of Decentralized Ground Mounted Grid Connected Renewable Power Plants of individual plant size up to 2 MW.
    • B: Installation of 17.50 lakh standalone Solar Powered Agriculture Pumps of individual pump capacity up to 7.5 HP.
    • C: Solarisation of 10 Lakh Grid-connected Agriculture Pumps of individual pump capacity up to 7.5 HP.

financial assistance

Component A

DISCOM would be eligible to get PBI @ Rs. 0.40 per unit purchased or Rs. 6.6 lakh per MW of capacity installed, whichever is less, for a period of five years from the COD.

Component B & C

Funds up to 25% of the MNRE benchmark cost or cost discovered through tenders, whichever is less, for the sanctioned quantity would be released as advance to the implementing agency only after placement of letter of award(s) to the selected vendors


Scheme 2: Small Hydro Power Programme


The objective of the SHP scheme is to encourage the State Government entities and Independent Private Producers (IPPs) to set-up new Small Hydro projects so as to realise the entire 21000 MW potential in phased manner. The immediate objective is to encourage IPPs to start work on new projects of aggregate capacity of 1000 MW, in addition to completing the ongoing projects, so as to reach a cumulative capacity of 6000 MW by the year 2022

Salient Features

The SHP Scheme will provide CFA/Grant/Subsidy for the following sub-heads:

  • Setting up new SHP Projects in the private / co-operative / Joint sector etc.
  • Setting up new SHP Projects in the Government sector along with support for identification of new  potential SHP sites, preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) including detailed survey & investigation (DSI) for SHP project site to the Central / State Govt. dept. & agencies/local bodies.
  • Renovation and Modernization of existing SHP projects in the Government sector.
  • Support for development/upgradation of Water Mills (mechanical/electrical output) and setting up Micro Hydel Projects (upto 100 KW capacity).
  • Research & Development and Human Resource Development

Bio gas based power generation and thermal application

Scheme 3 : Central financial assistances  for setting up  biogas plant under the (BPGTP)

The applicable rates of CFA/subsidy for setting up of bio gas based power generation and thermal application project are provided in three slabs of sizes of biogas plant and corresponding power generation / thermal energy generation capacity.

The details of applicable CFA for SC/ST categories in all the project category , the CFA will be paid on re-reimbursement basis  except  for the SC/ST categories where in the  CFA at the rate of 50%of the estimated CFA  of the project will be given at the middle of the project excutiion  and the balance 50%  after proper  completion  and commissioning  of the project

Scheme 4: Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects – Renewable Energy

        Finanacial assistance:-

 Renewable energy sector give the financial assistances of Rs.25  lakhs according to park would be released via MNRE or upto 20 lakhs or 30% whichever is less 

Implementation agency :-

The sun parks can be developed in collaboration with the State Governments. The implementation agency would be Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) on behalf of Government of India (G0I). SECI will take care of funds to be made available beneath the scheme on behalf of GOI. Renewable Energy 

Scheme 5: Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM)

 Objective and targets of JNNSM in renewable energy sector :-

The goal of the National Solar Mission is to establish India as a worldwide leader in solar energy, by using creating the policy situations for its diffusion across the u. S . a s fast as possible.
The Mission will adopt a 3 – section approach, Phase 1 (as much as 2012 – 13), Phase  2 (2013 – 17) and Phase 3 (2017– 22).  The instantaneous intention of the Mission is to cognizance on putting
in place an enabling surroundings for solar generation penetration in the usa both at a centralized and decentralized level. – ( Renewable energy )

Central Financial Assistance (CFA):

  • CFA @ Rs.25.00 lakh (Rs. twenty five lakh) per park would be released by MNRE to SECI for DPR preparation of the Solar Park, conducting surveys, etc. 
  • Besides, CFA of up to Rs.20.00 lakh (Rs. twenty lakh) per MW or 30% of the project cost, including Grid-connectivity cost, whichever is lower, would be released to SECI on achieving the milestones given under para 7 of the Scheme. For release of requisite funds, the State Government will send a formal proposal to MNRE. 
  • The grant will be managed and released by SECI, on behalf of MNRE, for which SECI will be given a fund handling fee of 1% of the grant released.CFA @ Rs.25.00 lakh (Rs.Twenty five lakh) consistent with park could be launched by way of MNRE to SECI for DPR training of the Solar Park, conducting surveys, etc.  Besides, CFA of up to Rs.20.00 lakh (Rs. Twenty lakh) consistent with MW or 30% of the undertaking cost, which include Grid-connectivity cost, whichever is lower, would be launched to SECI on reaching the milestones given underneath para 7 of the Scheme. For launch of considered


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