Que : What is the De-dieselization of Farm Sector in PM kusum scheme ?

  • Under this Component, individual farmers can replace their existing diesel pumps with solar pumps.
  • The replacement of existing diesel pumps with solar pumps will not only reduce the irrigation costs of around Rs.50,000 per year (for 5HP pump) but also lead to reduction in the pollution.
  • This Component will benefit 20 lakh farmers in off-grid areas, where there is no source of electric power for irrigation. It will also help in increasing the farmer’s income and living conditions.
  • Under the scheme, Central Financial Assistance (CFA) upto 30% of the Benchmark cost
  • (fixed by MNRE every year) of the standalone solar pump will be provided.
  • The State Government will give a subsidy of 30%; and the remaining 40% will be provided by the farmer. Bank finance up to 30% out of 40% share can availed by the farmer, so that farmer has to initially pay only 10% of the total cost of the pump

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