Ayush Scheme

Scheme For Extra Mural Research (EMR) In Ayurveda, Yoga And Naturopathy , Unani, Siddha And Homoeopathy


  • Development of Research and Development (R & D) based AYUSH Drugs for prioritized diseases Extra Mural Research scheme for Naturopathy
  • To generate data on safety, standardization and quality control for AYUSH products and practices;
  • develop evidence based support on the efficacy of AYUSH drugs and therapies;
  • encourage research on classical texts and investigate fundamental principles of AYUSH Systems;
  • generate data on heavy metals, pesticide residues,
  • microbial load, safety/toxicity etc. in the raw drugs and finished Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy drugs;
  • indroduce AYUSH products having Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) potential for increasing AYUSH exports
  • the potential Human Resource develop in AYUSH systems, especially to inculcate scientific aptitude and expertise relating to AYUSH systems;
  • develop joint research venture among the AYUSH Department and other Organizations/Institutes

Who are eligible

  • Reputed Institutes/Organizations (both Government and Private) Laboratories, Drug Manufacturers, etc.
  • having adequate infrastructure in terms of equipment and manpower to conduct high quality research
  • Universities/Educational Institutions
  • Eminent scholars and practitioners having good research background
  • and contribution to the medical research can also apply through a reputed institution/organization as stated above,
  • as ‘Emeritus Scientists’ or other mechanisms applicable at host institution.
  • (In such cases, the grants will be released to the concerned organization,
  • who would be responsible for expenditure and utilization of funds)

Financial Support

  The Department of AYUSH will provide financial support for staff, equipment and contingencies

(recurring and non-recurring) for the project over a period of 1-3 years upto a maximum of Rs. 30.00 lakhs.

Institutional support:

5% of the total cost of the project (excluding the cost of equipment)

would be provided to the educational institutions and 3% of the cost of the project (excluding cost of equipment)

would provided to the organizations, other than educational institutions,

engaging in research under EMR scheme, as Institutional Support after the successful completion of the project to the satisfaction of the PEC/SC.

Infrastructure required

The institutions/investigators seeking a project under EMR Scheme should have adequate infrastructure to pursue the research project.

In case of clinical research, clinical facilities including OPD and IPD (wherever required)

and laboratory facilities for bio-chemical, pathological, radiological and

electro-physiological investigations supported with necessary equipment relevant to the project should be available.

In case of studies for safety and standardization, adequate laboratory facilities and animal house should be in place.

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